Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Year, New Look do you like my new look? Not me, my blog!

I wanted to start the new year off with something fresh, clean and simple with a bit of flair. Although I loved the colors of my other template, my family has changed and it didn't seem right to keep my husband out of the header.

Designer Blogs created my last template and they made the experience so easy despite my numerous questions and indecisiveness, there was no question I would return to them again. Lara, an assistant designer, created this particular template and I really like it. I must have sent her at least 20 emails going back and forth during the process, but she stuck with me and never made me feel as if I was a bother. Thanks Lara!

If you are in the market for a new template, I highly recommend Designer Blogs. They are fast, affordable and very, very patient. They even offer $10 templates!

Now if I could only find a design team to quick fix my hair and weight.... Anybody? Hello? No show of hands?

Oh well. Details later.


  1. I love the new header, and the picture of you! Am having good success with You might want to give it a look.

  2. @ Webb- Thank you! I signed up but still avoided the site. I'm going to check your site and see your progress. Maybe that will kick me into gear.

  3. Your blog is lovely, Vivianne. And you don't need help with how you look! Your 'do is adorable! :o)



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